Backwater Valve Installation

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Often one of the most requested services by homeowners today is to have a Backwater Valve installed or replaced in the basement’s concrete. What backwater valve does is simple. Backwater Value protects your basement and home from sewer water backing up from the city’s sewer system.

backwater valve installation
backwater valve

Install, Replace, Repair your backwater valve

Having the disaster of sewage entering from the outside is unpleasant. Thus, homeowners today protect their homes by installing a backwater valve system.

Aside to protecting your home from the municipal sewage, backwater valve also helps your home to dispose of fluids from your toilets, tubs, baths, and more, and float out of your home into the municipal sewer system. The backwater valve shuts off if the water, by any means, comes back into the house.

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Backwater Valve Installation Toronto

Installing a backwater valve requires few general tasks completed. It requires a certified plumber to inspect your current sewage system, acquire the permits needed, and drill into the concrete floor in your basement to get into your sewer lateral cut, then have the backwater valve installed seamlessly. Break through the basement concrete and digging down into the sewer lateral. It is important to check your backwater valve regularly to make sure it functions best. We recommend having a plumber inspect it thoroughly, just in case.

backwater valve installation toronto
backwater valve installation

Few building codes may be active in specific areas across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. So ensure that you’re following city guidelines in case you’re looking to DIY this project.

Reduce the chance of basement flooding. Install your backwater valve with a professional and local certified plumber. WaterGuard offers complete plumbing services which help homeowners achieve their goals in a cost-effective way.

Backwater Valve Maintenance

We ensure that in case we install a backwater valve in your basement, which we do not cut through finished basement floors. Instead, we prefer to install it close to the furnace if possible. This area is never finished, and it allows for easy access to the backwater valve in future references when checking and testing for water flow in necessary.

backwater valve installation mississauga
new backwater valve

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