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If you want to see why your toilet or sink backups, or why your water fails to drain sooner than it usually does, it is likely to be because your pipe line is clogged. Camera plumbing inspections are one great way to see where your sewer lines are clogged, and an excellent way to sneak in the snake to clean it up.

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Camera Plumbing Inspections

There are many reasons why sewer lines tend to clog. Here are few examples;

Plant Intrusion through pipelines:

PVC piping is not imminent to root intrusions. Plants tend to grow fast and try to find a good water and food source in which water pipe lines provide. In vegetation areas, root intrusions are very common. Thus, it is best to replace your PVC pipe line with a new cast iron pipe line which usually comes in a 10ft. sections. This prevents plants from growing their roots into the pipe line and sewer systems, eliminating the chance of clog.

Different pipe size:

Inexperienced plumbers try to make a buck and save a buck when installing and connecting pipe lines together. At times, we encounter situations in which one larger pipe line turns lip onto a smaller pipe line which creates clogs over time. Anything can catch onto the lower lip and over time will cause water pipe damage. Camera inspections help our plumbers see if the whole sewer lines are connected correctly, using proper pipe lines and sizing.

Large Objects:

Toys or paper towels are the most common clogging problems. Water may seem to run down through the pipe lines however that does not always mean that the pipe lines are clear of objects. Over time the clog becomes more and more imminent. And running down more water will not help unclear large objects once they get foiled together with other objects that get down the drain and pipe line.

Drain/Pipe Camera Inspection

To clear the pipe and drain lines from clog, WaterGuard Plumbing first tests the water flow and sends down a camera for quick inspection. Once the object has been identified, we then follow down a rooter snake down the pipe line and start spinning the snake. Hitting the object multiple times and ripping through the object may take some time, however, not always this would be the solution. At times, the best way to remove the clog and prevent any future clogs from happening is to change the pipe line itself. This requires the removal of vegetation and cement, and install a new cast iron pipe which is now the trend for making a good draining line.

Call WaterGuard Plumbing now to get started with inspecting your sewer lines. We have over 20 years of experience working with sewer lines both in residential and commercial properties. We’ve serviced thousands of homes over the years, and we hold all the tools and equipment to inspect your problem before creating a solution for the problem.

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