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The Benefits of Different Plumbing Services

So let’s say you are imagining a plumber going about his business, but you realize that aside from tightening pipes and kneeling in front of cabinets you have absolutely no idea what other things plumbers do. Perhaps your drains are clogged, or you’re afraid that our harsh Canadian winters are wrecking havoc on your home’s plumbing, but you simply don’t know how to make it better. Look no more, this short guide will inform you of the benefits different plumbing services will have on your water system. In addition, you might learn something about the trade!

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Plumbing companies and individual contractors are able to do virtually any repair on your pipes. In many homes, the main drain or sewer line can become clogged over time, preventing waste from going to the city’s disposal system properly. These annoying clogs can be caused by things going down the drain, or by outside problems such as tree roots enclosing over the lines. Of course, a clog will cause backup, waste coming back and even bad smells coming from your sinks and toilets. Drain line cleaning is the most effective solution to these unpleasant scenarios. Plumbing companies offer drain line cleaning as a service in almost all cases. The most commonly used method of drain line cleaning is through the use of a drain auger, or a drain snake. This long hose is inserted into the drain and can break through small blockages in a matter of minutes. In order to effectively clear multiple blockages or clear the entire drainage system, a high-pressure water hose known as a jetter can be used. This second solution is more expensive, but usually provides better results.

Another important service offered by plumbing companies is the installation of various pumps and valves, such as a backwater valve, sump pump or safety shutoff valve. The installation and maintenance of these appliances is important to the functioning of your home’s water systems. A backwater valve prevents sewage from backing up into your home by automatically closing when water is detected backtracking. Backwater valve installation is usually done to prevent basement flooding. A sump pump is used to remove water collecting in a sump pump basin, which is in turn used to pump out water that collects in wet or commonly flooded basements. A safety shutoff valve is exactly what you think it is; it shuts off when there is a failure in the system, and can prevent major flooding in the home. Installation of backwater valves, sump pumps and safety valves is important to consider if your home is in danger of flooding.

Pipeline repairs can be done intrusively and not intrusively. When a pipe or sewer line is faulty, leaks and differences in water pressure can occur. In order to ascertain the soundness of a pipeline a dig might have to occur but is not necessary. Trenchless sewer line repair is a new technology that is used in order to prevent intrusive digging beneath and near your home. Trenchless sewer line repair or replacement is conducted using a steel bursting head which runs along the line, breaking the old one and replacing it with a new one that is pulled along behind it. Trenchless water supply line replacements can also be done in a similar way.

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