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Emergency Plumbing Services (24 hour services, Line Repairs, sewer Line Cleaning, Waterproofing)

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Oh No! Your pipes are leaking and you have no idea how to fix them! Your drain line is faulty and leaking! Everything is flooding! The basement is filling up with water! Relax, calm down. Water Guard Plumbing can help with any and all emergency plumbing services, and we can be there at any time as we offer them . From line repairs to cleaning, to taking care of clogged drains and waterproofing…This quick guide will help you to easily identify problems that might be going on in your home and will offer some suggestions as to what you can do on your own, before your emergency is taken care of by a professional.

  1. There’s water everywhere!

First, take a deep breath. Better? Now look around and appraise the problem. Water leakage can be caused by a clogged drain, a backed up pipe or a crack in one of your water lines. If the leak is large and the water is leaking quickly we recommend you shut off your home’s water completely prior to our arrival, so that there is less water damage overall. If you know the location of the leak you can also attempt to isolate it on your own to prevent more water. Wrap towels around the pipe or duct tape it so that less comes out. Next, call us immediately. We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services to help with disasters such as this. We will work quickly to patch up the leak. If you find that a shower, toilet or sink is the cause of the leakage, consider that your waterproofing might be faulty. We can and often do emergency waterproofing of areas that are affected by leakage.

  1. The basement is flooded!

As always, relax. A damp or even flooding basement could be caused by a burst water main or pipe, or by excess runoff into your home. The former is as easy as simply giving us a call and repairing the line, but the latter might require some more work. If your home or business if in an area prone to flooding, we recommend waterproofing of your basement wholly to prevent future floods. Not only does waterproofing prevent water damage, it also raises the value of your property. For now, just remove items of value from the wet area and give us a call so we can assess the problem. Remember to also call your insurance company immediately so that they too are aware of any damage. In case of a total flood remember to stay calm before running in to grab valuable items as electronics can cause dangerous currents to run through the water. Make sure you are aware of the dangers and always wear protective clothing if you absolutely must enter the water. In case of such eventuality call us and we will have someone over immediately to do an evaluation and repair what we can.

  1. Things are clogged and I don’t know how to fix them!

The worst thing you can do is panic over a clogged drain, toilet or sewage line. Simply give us a call and our emergency services will be coming to the rescue in a jiffy. A clog is a very easy repair that can be done with ease, so there is nothing to worry about. Simply stop using the clogged line/drain until we get there to unclog the area or perform sewer line cleaning. If necessary, use a neighbor’s shower or toilet until we can fix the problem.

As always, there is no job too large or small for our trained plumbing professionals in Toronto. Whatever your emergency, simply give us a call and we will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.