What is Rooter Plumbing?

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If you live in the GTA, odds are you’ve seen work trucks advertising “rooter service” more than once. But if you’ve found yourself wondering, “well, what exactly is rooter service, anyway?” you’re hardly alone.

Rooter plumbing gets his name from its original purpose: removing the tree roots that commonly clogged early drains and pipes. These days, as technology has advanced, roots are a less common threat to your plumbing…but the name has stuck. That being said, the term “rooter plumbing” now refers to a host of service, all of which help in performing water pipe repair. This can involve special tools, such as a snake rooter, used to run through drains and unclog them. It can also mean carefully running water through, or even taking apart sections of a pipe for thorough repairs.

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No matter the quality of your plumbing, corrosion and blockages are a fact of life. That’s just the nature of the beast. Over time, debris will build up and materials will break down. Luckily, rooter service is the answer. With professional rooter plumbing, you can expect to have your pipes cleaned and repaired, to restore reliable service.

Do I Need Rooter Plumbing?

Image of a main water pipeline

The specifics of a rooter plumbing service will depend on the state of your pipes. A clog in a single drain may only impact a single appliance…while larger blockages in the main sewer line could cause problems throughout your home, like backups in a variety of places. Single drain clogs are generally more easily fixed, while sewer blockages will need to be addressed using a sewer rooter machine, which can help clear non-flushable items trapped in the pipe, or those pesky tree roots that still occasionally find a way in.

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Regardless of your plumbing system, though, it is important to conduct rooter service on a regular basis. Particularly in Toronto, with our old (and often decrepit) sewer system. Think of it like going for a check-up at the doctor’s…only for your plumbing. Just as a doctor can help solve health problems before they become a crisis, so too can rooter service intervene before long-term build ups lead to much costlier repairs down the line. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Rooter Plumbing at Water Guard

Rooter companies like Water Guard Plumbing have the experience and know-how necessary to make rooter plumbing a simple, cost-effective part of your home maintenance. Whether you are looking for routine check-ups or a solution for an immediate emergency, hiring a rooter plumbing service can help bring you comfort and reassurance, and take the pressure off.

If you’d like to learn more about rooter plumbing, please reach out to Water Guard rooter service experts. One of our service professionals will be happy to speak with you and sort out your problem soon.