Backup Sump Pump Installation

Backup sump pumps are secondary pumps. They are useful when the primary sump pump is no longer working. To avoid costly water damage at your property, you should consider installing a backup sump pump. At WaterGuard Plumbing, we offer backup sump pump installation services for homeowners across Toronto and the GTA.

Why You Should Install a Backup Sump Pump

Backup sump pumps are great for ultimate basement waterproofing. We recommend installing a backup sump pump for the following circumstances:

  • Power Outage Primary sump pumps are electric-powered. This means that when power goes out, primary sump pumps become useless and water level is bound to rise in the sump pit. To avoid water damage in this case, a backup sump pump is a smart option.
  • Damage to Primary Sump Pump In case damage occurs to your primary sump pump, it will not be able to drain water properly. This puts your basement at risk of flooding. However, you can eliminate the risks by installing a backup sump pump that assists the primary pump with water drainage.
  • Heavy Rainfall Heavy rainfall can overwhelm your primary sump pump. Water will accumulate inside the sump pit to the point where one sump pump is not enough. In this case, we recommend installing a backup sump pump to assist your primary pump during and after heavy rain.

Backup Sump Pump Options

Water-Powered Backup Sump Pump

Water-powered pumps (also known as submersible pumps) are fully mechanical. They do not need electricity or a battery to run. Instead, they use municipal water pressure to push water out of the sump pit before an overflow happens.The only downside to water-powered sump pumps is that they are best installed in an unfinished basement. If your basement is fully finished, installing a water-powered sump pump will probably require a lot of reconstruction in your basement.

Battery Backup Sump Pump

Battery-operated sump pumps are an excellent backup option. They are usually easy to install and can be found at any hardware store. Battery sump pumps also connect to the same discharge line as the primary sump pump. This type of sump pump, however, has a shorter life expectancy. How long battery pumps last depends on the battery they use.

Sump Pumps Comparison

Primary Sump PumpBattery Sump PumpWater-Powered Sump Pump
Needs electricity
Needs battery
Life expectancy7-10 years

3-5 years on standby

24 – 52 hours in an emergency

Depends on the brand; most manufacturers offer a 3-year warranty
Can be installed in water well
Cost$1,899 + you can save
up to $1,750 with city rebates depending on your municipality
$1,100 for materials + $550 for installation$2,000 for materials + $550 for installation

Backup Sump Pump FAQs

Can I add a backup sump pump to an existing pump?

You can add a backup sump pump to an existing pump, but the installation process will differ depending on the type of backup pump you choose.
How much water does a water-powered sump pump use?
Water-powered sump pumps use 1 gallon of city water to pump 2 gallons out of the sump pit.
Can I benefit from city rebates with backup sump pumps?
You can benefit from your city’s rebates program with backup sump pumps if you have not received rebate returns on your primary sump pump installation.

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