Emergency Plumbing Services


Having Water Damage Emergency?

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Emergency Plumbing Services

One of the nightmares of every home or business owner is a plumbing disaster. Whether it’s backed up sewage, leaks causing mold and flooding, a small problem can lead to huge drains on time and resources. One of the most important parts of fixing these problems is fixing them as fast as possible to minimize the damage and prevent further harm, and you absolutely need a trained team of professionals to perform your emergency plumbing services.


Why WaterGuard?

We respond immediately to your emergency call, arriving at your residential or commercial site within 30 minutes. Our workers are certified to inspect every line and system in order to identify and correct the problem before any further harm can occur. Some of our emergency services  include:


    • Commercial Bathrooms and Urinals
    • Pump and Sump Pump Repairs
    • Sewer Line Cleaning, Main Sewer Line Cleaning, and Sewer Backup
    • Water Heater Repair
    • Clogged Drain Maintenance
    • Cast Iron Stack Repair
    • Waterproofing
    • Frozen and Burst Pipe Repair
    • Septic Tank Inspection
    • Grease Trap Inspection
    • Garburator Maintenance
    • Sinks/Faucet Repair


Trust the Professionals

No Hourly Charges – Less experienced or reputable contractors might needlessly drag on a task in order to make more money off of you. Not only that, but the mistakes that these contractors will bring to their work will cost you a lot more in the long run when the problem reoccurs, or becomes worse. As trusted and insured contractors we pride ourselves on giving accurate estimates. There are no surprises or hidden fees when you work with WaterGuard, allowing us to build a business relationship founded on trust, and when the job is done you can be confident that your problem has been solved.


Fast Response – We can be on-site within 30 minutes of your call. No matter what the problem is, from a clog to a burst sewage pipe, our certified plumbers bring all of the tools that they will need to help you deal with your emergency as fast as possible. We are local, servicing regions across the GTA – Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Thornhill, Hamilton and others.


100% Service Excellence – Our reputation is our pride at WaterGuard. We strive to build excellent customer relations, giving you whatever instruction we can over the phone to minimize the damage while our plumbers are on the approach. Once our workers arrive they will identify and correct the problem as fast as possible, but we would never give up quality for speed. When we have cleaned up and left your property you can be sure that your issue has been addressed.


Trust the Experience

WaterGuard has over 15 years of experience on many different projects, and our team can provide the best service in GTA on any of your plumbing needs. Whether you require an upgrade in your existing system or you are starting a new project – call us and one of our experienced team members will be dispatched for a free, no obligation quote. We follow all the latest municipality requirements and work alongside of the municipality to ensure that our work meets the latest industry standards.

We understand that every project is different, and we approach it with special care. Call us and we will locate the problem, explain the situation to you and tackle the project as efficiently as possible. Regardless of your issue – we can help! Call us today at 647-832-1738 for a free, no obligation quote for all of your plumbing issues.