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A wet or a flooded basement can be a serious problem. Besides the obvious water damage that can occur to your belongings, the threats of mildew, mold, and unseen water damage are a real concern, and the resulting repairs can be costly. Water Guard has over 15 of experience servicing our clients in the GTA, and basement waterproofing is one of our specialties. We make sure we isolate your problem completely and fix it, and our goal is always to make sure that you never have a wet basement problem again.

Why Is My Basement Wet?

Our homes are built to last, and they tend to last a long time. Over that long period of time, several different problems can, unfortunately, cause your wet basement. Some of these are listed below:

  • Foundation Digging: When your original foundation was dug out, the process may have disrupted the nearby soil in such a way as to affect the surrounding natural drainage. This can prevent water from draining deep into the ground like it is supposed to, and concentrate water near your foundation.
  • Houses Settling: Our homes are built to sturdy standards, but they settle over time. The foundation walls and floor may crack, leaving you more vulnerable to floods and water damage.
  • External Factors: High groundwater levels, major storms, poor local drainage, water table changes, all of these things can cause wet basement problems if you have problems with your foundation. The best thing you can do is to act as soon as you can to isolate and fix the issue permanently.

How Basement Waterproofing is Done?

Our experts will have to perform a full inspection of your home and drainage systems to ensure that the problem is identified in its entirety. Often the best way to do this is to perform an external dig all the way down the foundation to identify any problems. In cases where digging is sub-optimal, we can perform an internal waterproofing. The list of possible fixes is huge: weeping tile replacement, sump pump installation, applying epoxy or waterproofing membrane, French drain installation and more. Do not worry, our staff consists of trained professionals that will apply the perfect fix the first time around.

Trust the Experts

We understand that every project is different, and we approach it with special care. Contact us and we will locate the problem, explain the situation to you and tackle the project as efficiently as possible. If you have a problem then one of our experienced team members will be dispatched for a free, no obligation quote at a moment’s notice.

We follow all the latest municipality requirements and work alongside the municipality to ensure that our work meets the latest industry standards. Regardless of your issue – we can help! Call us today at 647-832-1738 for a free, no obligation quote for all of your water and drain issues.

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