Water Damage Repair & Restoration

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Water damage to your home can be avoided with regular maintenance of your plumbing, fixtures, and drains, but in the eventuality of it happening it is best to take immediate action to prevent further damages and complications. Waterguard Plumbing offers quick, immediate restoration of your home in the event of water damage. Our repair and restoration team responds to your emergency calls within 30 minutes and will take the time to assess the individual situation in your home before beginning work. We work in a time-efficient, intelligent manner, and are professionals in evaluating and quickly diagnosing the problem. Whether you are dealing with a clogged drain, a rusted drain pipe, blocked sewer drain or flooding, we are there to help you in a timely manner so that you can avoid further damages to your home. This article aims to help you learn what you can do if faced with common water damage issues, and what Waterguard Plumbing can do to help.

Main Drain Blockage

How to Know the Signs and What to Do Next

Is there a backup in your sinks and pipes? Are there signs of water in your basement? Are your drains and pipes making inexplicable noises? All of these symptoms can arise from a clogged drain or worse from a blocked main drain. If you do not take rapid action, this clog might cause flooding, water back-up in sinks, showers and toilets, staining, mold and worse. The culprits to a main drain blockage are tree roots growing into the system, or a buildup of material waste. To repair this kind of blockage and remove the clogged drains, you will need to first turn off the water at the source of the clog to ensure no more backup. Next, call a plumbing service that is well trained in drain maintenance. Most companies, such as Waterguard Plumbing, offer a trenchless drain repair service which will remove the clogged drain without any intrusive digging. To prevent main drain blockages, regularly test your pipes, and have professionals provide regular drain maintenance at least once a year.

Single Drain Blockage

How to Know the Signs and What to Do Next

Is there water backup in your sinks? Are your toilets not flushing? A clogged kitchen drain, toilet or shower drain is a relatively minor event, which is quickly taken care of. While most minor clogs to your sink, toilet or shower drains can be easily cleared with a plunger or some other basic tools, if you are unable to remove the clog yourself after a few attempts. It is best to turn the job over to a professional who will clear it for you, as exerting too much force on your drains can cause permanent damage. Professionals specializing in plumbing and drain cleaning will use their knowledge to quickly and efficiently dislodge the clogs causing your drain blockage, without harming the system accidentally.

Rusted Drain Pipe

How to Know the Signs and What to Do Next

Main pipeIn many old homes, instead of the new non-corrosive plastics used nowadays, drain pipes are still made from the original metal materials. These galvanized pipes were installed in homes built before the 1960s and over the decades have eroded from the inside out, causing lead to accumulate within the pipes. Similarly, rusted drain pipes might corrode over time, causing holes to form and leaks to occur. While many professionals will fix these pipes, any solution to these kinds of clogs or leaks is only temporary and will not prevent the problem from re-occurring like a complete drain replacement would. If your home is being affected by old and rusted drains, contact the professionals at Waterguard Plumbing to discuss your best options, as rusted drain repairs are only a temporary solution to the problem.

Storm Drain Blockage

How to Know the Signs and What to Do Next

Pooling water in your backyard area can indicate a blocked storm drain. A storm water drain is most commonly blocked due to leaves, dirt and other natural debris becoming lodged in the pipes. Storm drain repair and cleaning is quite difficult to clear on your own, and a professional plumbing service is most often the answer. A plumber will most often use a high water pressure drainage machine to clear any plugged areas.

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