Drain Line Replacement & Repair

Sewer Line Replacement and Repair

Our homes are wonderful, family places, designed by us for us, they fill us with comfort and provide the peace of mind from work and daily troubles. Much of the ingenuity is hidden behind the walls and under the ground; out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, every aspect of that comfort is still vulnerable to wear and tear, and because we usually take these elements for granted it can be a shock when something stops working. Maintaining your sewer line and your home drains are sometimes overlooked, as we tend to forget about things that are hidden from our sight. We recommend bi-annual inspection of your lines using our Drain Line Camera Inspection Service, but if the problem already exists – sewer line repair project is an important commitment. We recommend making sure that the company that you hire is a group of trusted professionals to minimize future problems and bring your home the comfort you always wanted. Nobody loves a sewage drain backup catastrophe.

When do sewer pipes need replacing?

If you are experiencing problems with drainage, sewage backup, or gurgling noises from your toilet or a foul smell on the property you may have a broken sewer pipe. Common problems include pipes being: crushed, cracked or misaligned, bellied, or ruptured by roots. No pipe is safe from possible wear, especially if they were installed incorrectly in the first place, or not maintained properly. ABS or PVC pipes can crack due to high water temperatures, cast iron pipes can corrode and rust, clay pipes can crack if they aren’t properly supported, and any pipe can break due to the pressure from the inside (water) and outside (the ground) the pipe.

What is the sewer line repair procedure?

  • Our team provides you with a work plan once the problem is assessed by our technician with a visual camera inspection.
  • Once the work plan is agreed on, we pass it onto our engineering team. Our engineers will provide the drawing, approve it with the city and obtain the permit for the project.
  • We expose the existing sewer line and replace it with the new one.
  • Once the work is performed, our engineers and the city representative inspect the work performed.
  • The line is back-filled with gravel and the construction site is cleaned.

Water Guard has over 15 years of experience on many different projects, and our team can provide the best service in GTA on any of your commercial sewer needs. Whether you require replacement of an old sewer line, or you are starting a new project – call us and one of our experienced team members will be dispatched for a free, no obligation quote. We follow and work alongside all of the latest municipal requirements to ensure that our work meets the latest industry standards.

We understand that every project is different, and we approach every one with special care. Call us and we will locate the problem, explain the situation to you and tackle the project as efficiently as possible. Regardless of your issue – we can help! Call us today at 647-832-1738 for a free, no obligation quotation for all of your water and drain issues.